What Makes Us Different?

At Fusia Foods, we wanted to bring you a new kind of ready-to-eat experience. Here are some things that were important to us to bring to you:
  1. We wanted our meals to be higher quality. We wanted them to taste like you just ordered them in a restaurant.
  2. Our meals have a 45-day fresh refrigerated shelf life.
  3. We achieve that shelf-life via our HPP facility, that we own and operate and not sub out to anyone else. That means that from manufacturing to HPP is 4 hours tops.
  4. With our unique technology and packing materials, we are actually using the microwave to steam the product and not nuke them and that is why we retain all the goodness and the flavor profiles and moist, delicious foods.
  5. Our search for the best pairing of the perfect seafood and the healthiest grains is a passion, not a job.
  6. For every HPP meal we sell, we are saving 5 more that were destined to the trash due to spoilage.