SteamOpurgeTM Technology
SteamOpurge™ is a design that allows our product to steam inside the microwave instead of actually cooking. The science behind this technology was all in the timing. When using our product, you do not peel or puncture the film at all. Just place it in the microwave oven and it will start a steaming process. The film will bubble and will purge a very small hole allowing the product to continue heating or cooking without drying. As soon at the container is removed from the microwave, the vacuum will return and the product will retain all it’s nutritional values and will stay extremely moist.
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Our mission is to make high-quality, healthy meals available in minutes for busy individuals and families. If there’s a recipe you’d like to have on your table, tell us about it through one of the outlets to the right.


Something here about how our processing makes Fusia Foods more eco-friendly than the alternatives. Link could possibly open a new tab to Maryland Packaging.

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