HOW LONG IS THE PRODUCT’S SHELFLIFE? Our products are the cleanest label on the market today. We do not use any chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients; however, we use the most impressive and latest clean label technology know to man. We skin pack our meals, eliminating all oxygen. Basically, oxygen can cause food spoilage in several ways. It can provide conditions that will enhance the growth of microorganisms; it can cause damage to foods with the help of enzymes; and it can cause oxidation. Microorganisms. They can often be found growing on the surface of foods when air is present. We also use HPP (High Pressure Cold Pasteurization). High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a pasteurization method that uses pressure rather than the traditional method of heat to kill microorganisms in foods. It also helps with the safety of foods by killing vegetative pathogenic microorganisms including Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. These technologies allow us to create the healthiest, cleanest label products with no degradation in flavor, color, nutritional values with an extended shelf life for up to 45 days at 36°F and heated to 165°F internally before consuming. HPP technology is very expensive and extremely complicated, Fusia Foods is the sole manufacturer of HPP’d meals in the Mid-Atlantic. Unlike other meal companies, their products can start deteriorating withing hours and that is why they only offer 5=4 to 5 days shelf life. You and your family’s safety are our number one priority, and the perfect taste and nutritional is our second and equally as important priority. “Partnerships in Health and Happiness” HOW DOES SHIPPING WORK To ensure the best quality for taste and the best safety, we ship our product frozen with Gel Packs. This way if the product takes longer to reach you than two days, it will still meet the FDA recommended guidelines of time and temp. Immediately place your product in the Freezer or Fridge, depending on your preference as to the consumption plan. HOW CAN YOU SHIP FREE EVERYWHERE IN THE USA AND OTHERS CAN NOT? We worked very hard negotiating the best shipping rate. We worked extra hard negotiating the best packaging materials pricing. When we failed to get the best pricing for the gel packs!!! Well, we started making our own and selling them to others and taking this razor thin profits and subsidizing the shipping cost with those margins, so you our client can get the best pricing. We do not mark up our shipping as others do. We do not mark up our shipping materials as others do. We do not have waste factors as others due, since we use HPP And finally, we are happy with a lower margin than others in order to get you the consumer the best experience with the best pricing. This will hopefully keep you coming back to for more. WHY SHOULD I TRUST YOUR COMPANY AND GIVE YOU MY HARD-EARNED DOLLARS? As the CEO of this company, I have spent the last 35 years working in the food industry. I have created products and invested every penny that my family and I own in building the best manufacturing plants with the best technology and food safety systems to deliver the cleanest label EVER to everyone. I have spent a lifetime giving back to the communities. Instead of enriching myself and my family. My family and I have chosen to help when help was needed. Over the last 20 years, my family and I have been involved in raising 40 (forty) million dollars to benefit the Boy’s and Girl’s Club Wounded Soldier DC Equestrian and police animals Riding and thriving Animal foundation St. Jude Hospital Breast Cancer Research Foundation Work to Ride LGBT Foundation
Inaugural Great Futures Celebrity Polo Match, Raises Money For Boys & Girls Club We helped young entrepreneurs launch and scale their companies from an idea in a dorm to a 200 (two hundred) million-dollar companies without asking them to be our partners or give us shares in their companies as others do. I head the culinary team to ensure that every meal is just the perfect meal, with the best nutritional’s, best authentic taste and best value. We are not owned by Big Business companies that only care about profit margins, and we do not owe millions of dollars to PE firms that will come in and change our DNA, or force us to cut costs. Statement of Guarantee I will personally offer a full refund or full replacement to any consumer that is dissatisfied with any of our products. As a 62 year old entrepreneur, the ODDS are all stacked against us, we believe in our products, we believe in our associates but above all we believe in you our consumers to guide us and share with us every day how we can be a great and responsible partner.